House Of Representatives Finally Passes CISPA, Internet Doomed!!!


Yes, Folks, it finally happened! The Internet has been stabbed in the back and it’s bleeding lolcats and weird pictures everywhere! On Thursday afternoon CISPA was passed by the house of representatives and it’s waiting for the senate and President Barack Obama to sign the thing to make it official, so you can kiss goodbye your online privacy. And your privacy is not the only thing going buh-bye if this bill passes. This bill is so vile and evil that it may spell the end of the Internet that we all know and love and the beginning of a P.O.S. online, interactive “cable-like” system brought to you by the same people who made cable TV suck balls in the first place! You see, the #1 reason we’re on the Internet is probably because the content they keep regurgitating day in and day out is crap, so, to get their public back they decided to put their people in the government and pass bills that would allow them to infiltrate the Internet, fill it with their fakakta content and then get rid of the competition; Us! the small guy on the Internet! Which by the way pretty much comprises the entire Internet ’cause we are the Internet! We as in, the small Blogger, or the guy making video tutorials on YouTube, the indy cartoonist or film maker making cool and entertaining videos! Not a bunch of faceless corporations, they already have TV, cable and films!!! If they are losing grip on their public then they should evolve to make better content, not invade other media, that’s not going to solve anything!!!

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Forget SOPA and PIPA, CISPA Is Going To Make Skynet Look Like A Computer Worm!


So I was surfing the vast pipes of the Internet, minding my own business when I stumbled across this unfortunate piece of news. Turns out they found the way of pushing a new SOPA/ACTA! Since the other ones failed epicly they are now pushing this bizarre Skynet-like system that is going to spy on your ass 24/7 and then pass the report to the Government!!!
The new bill is called CISPA and it stands for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.
Unlike previous iterations of this Internet-neutering bill, CISPA promises to take privacy raping to the next level. It seems like every time the congress votes “NO” on one of these bills a worse one takes its place! That really rustles my Jimmies. Hit the break to watch an informative video and get yours rustled too!

SOPA, Now In European Flavor, They Call It ACTA!!!


You know what they call SOPA in France? They call it a royale with cheese  ACTA! You know why they call it ACTA? Because they have the metric system!! Ok, that didn’t make any sense, but to be fair, neither does ACTA.
Yes, Folks, if you were celebrating that SOPA did not pass this week and you thought that was it for that idea, I am going to have to piss on your parade. Partly because I had a bit too much beer but mostly because it’s not over. A new law called ACTA is now being considered in Europe and could possibly spell the end for the Internet as Europeans we know it. Hit the break to read more about ACTA.

The People Behind SOPA Are The Ones Responsible For A Good Share Of All The Piracy On The Internet, SO THEY HAVE AN EXCUSE TO SHUT IT DOWN!!!!1!!11!!!

SOPA Evidence!

Did you know that the folks pushing this fakakta law are the same people responsible for a good share of today’s online piracy? It’s true! Why did they do it, you may ask? You don’t need to be a genius to realize that the people pushing SOPA are TV network owners and music industry tycoons, ’cause after all they are the ones who are ‘losing’ money to online piracy but that is not the real reason they are pushing SOPA!
You see, the only reason they flooded the Internet pipes with piracy is to file this law and then start shutting down web sites by filing frivolous copyright suits!! All they want is to control the online entertainment industry!!! Just like I want to control the extraterrestrial fast food industry!! (Trust me, it’ll be great after we are invaded by aliens in 2012)

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The National Defense Authorization Act Is Going To Be Approved, Why No One Is Talking About It!?

East Germany Police State

So, in the past post I talked about how the US and Russia could soon engage in a nuclear war and how everything was going to suck from that day on. I also mentioned a little something called “The National Defense Authorization Act” and I believe I posted an OLD LINK about it too. But since that link is old as balls I decided to expand on it here.
Now, why am I and a whole bunch of people making such a big deal out of this National Defense Authorization Act? It could be the fact that the debate to approve it lasted only 10 minutes or that it was held at midnight. Or perhaps the fact that  the National Defense Authorization Act enables the government to lock up anyone suspected of terrorism for life without trial OR attorney. Please notice the words “suspected” and “without trial”. What is this? Stalinist Russia!? Are they going to send us to concentration camps in Siberia now? F***ing really!?
And you know what the worst part is? No one even knows or cares about it because the mainstream media is not talking about it!!

Hit the break for the “In crony-capitalist America you get life in jail!!”

Arizona Passes a Racist Bill Against Latinos

Arizona Immigration Law - Mike Keefe's Cartoon
Arizona Immigration Law – Mike Keefe’s Cartoon,  Image courtesy of (not the same source as the original article)

In an unprecedented bold move, Arizona passed a bill that actually sounds like it was made by the gestapo and I don’t even know how to explain what is this all about without making it sound like I’m calling them a bunch of racist douchebags so I’ll quote a fragment from the original article for you:

The recently passed Arizona SB1070 immigration bill would make it a CRIME to be present in Arizona – even if just passing through – without proof of residency. A driver’s license or state issued photo ID card is all you need, but some immigrants don’t have that. They would need to tote around their passport and visas to support their claim that they are here legally.

Supporters say the bill will discourage illegal immigrants, drop the crime rate, and open up jobs. Opponents claim that even legal immigrants will be afraid to call the police because of the law, and that it will open up the possibility of some officers will abuse the law and profile them because of their race.

Google isn’t cooperating with australian sensorship

Australian Sensorship

So it looks like our Australian mates won’t be able to see this web site anymore, or any other website that their government isn’t O.K. with for that matter. Whatever happened to the freedom of speech? And apparently those are the old news but what’s new is that Google refused to sensor Australian youtube!  Which in my humble opinion is a very nice gesture, kudos Google! That reminds me of the time my mom blocked all adult content from my computer (a week ago), now I have to take a 2 hour ride to my friend’s house to watch mud wrestling… Oh well, that’s the small price of having a secret bunker in the middle of nowhere.

Read  more about it HERE (link courtesy of, while I go visit my friend…  what..!? a man needs to watch mud wrestling from time to time! Don’t look at me like that! I’m not a monster!

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