*clicks unlike button*: The Hacker Group Anonymous Threatened With ‘Killing’ Facebook!

Anonymous Wants to Kill Facebook

If you are one of those people who keeps hoarding photos on your Facebook account or your social life totally depends on Facebook I strongly advise you to backup your photos and/or your friend lists! That’s right, Folks, the hacker group Anonymous threatened with ‘killing’ Facebook. If they succeed you will never see again the popular¬† social-networking web site
The operation “Kill Facebook” will take place the fifth day of November and, according to Anonymous, will get rid of the social media website once and for all.
The reason for this attack is, as you know, the liberal personal information policies they’ve been enforcing ever since that social network exists. You can read more about it in an older article, but also HERE, HERE or HERE or you can Google it if you want, it’s all over the web really.

Anonymous however, is denying being behind the “Kill Facebook” operation. If that is true, who posted the threatening video then?¬† :ohgod:

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