Infographic: FBI’s Magic Lantern!

FBIs Magic Lantern

If you thought that hackers were your worst nightmare, brace yourselves ’cause there’s something worse; The FBI! Yes, Folks, you heard read right! When it comes to stealing your info, the FBI takes the price. But if you’re reading this, you probably already knew that. And there is a method to their madness? Like, a tool they use to hack the everliving shit out of your info, and I’m sure they have many, but now you can take a look at the history of their most successful tool: The Magic Lantern. The Magic Lantern is a keylogger that usually gets into your computer through that  e-mail attachment or exploitable operating system vulnerabilities and records every single key you press, sending that information back to the FBI headquarters. You can learn more about the history of this tool in this awesome infographic, click here to look at the whole thing.  Now, is this it? As in, is this is all that comprises FBI’s tool kit of taking your privacy away? Far from it. There are things that will not surface until many years later, but at least now you know what you are up against. Don’t mess with the FBI!

Special thanks to Stella, for sending me the tip via the Paranoid Contact Form.

TSA To Grab Your Junk At NFL Games!

TSA Proctology Exam

Ever wanted to get raped in the back alley of a p0rn theater? Now you don’t have to go watch adult movies to get inappropriately fondled, you can do it from the comfort of your favorite sports event! That’s right! For [un]limited time now you too can get molested at your favorite sports event!!
And if you bring any suspicious object with you, you can sign for the full cavity search! But wait, there’s more! If you are one of the randomly chosen people at the sports event you can win a trip to Guantanamo for you and your family, where you will get to be called a “terrorist”, get water boarded (does wonders for your allergies) or spend some quality time with yourself in solitary confinement!!!

Sadly that was not a joke. Hit the break to read more.

*clicks unlike button*: The Hacker Group Anonymous Threatened With ‘Killing’ Facebook!

Anonymous Wants to Kill Facebook

If you are one of those people who keeps hoarding photos on your Facebook account or your social life totally depends on Facebook I strongly advise you to backup your photos and/or your friend lists! That’s right, Folks, the hacker group Anonymous threatened with ‘killing’ Facebook. If they succeed you will never see again the popular  social-networking web site
The operation “Kill Facebook” will take place the fifth day of November and, according to Anonymous, will get rid of the social media website once and for all.
The reason for this attack is, as you know, the liberal personal information policies they’ve been enforcing ever since that social network exists. You can read more about it in an older article, but also HERE, HERE or HERE or you can Google it if you want, it’s all over the web really.

Anonymous however, is denying being behind the “Kill Facebook” operation. If that is true, who posted the threatening video then?  :ohgod:

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