The Big Blue Brother: Free Facebook Apps Can Spy On You!!

Facebook App

If you are one of those Folks who sends me invitations to Fieldville, Zillionare City or Gang Wars, quit it, no one likes that shit, but if you are one of those Folks who likes to browse Facebook from the commodity of your toilet your cellphone, you may want to know this: Facebook app manufacturers  might be spying on you!! That’s right, and not only your likes and preferences but also your phone calls, text messages and even tracking your location!! If you are using Facebook via your Smartphone or iPhone, chances are that you might be spied on!
See, this is why I don’t like cellphones I have enough Folks following my every move.

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*clicks unlike button*: The Hacker Group Anonymous Threatened With ‘Killing’ Facebook!

Anonymous Wants to Kill Facebook

If you are one of those people who keeps hoarding photos on your Facebook account or your social life totally depends on Facebook I strongly advise you to backup your photos and/or your friend lists! That’s right, Folks, the hacker group Anonymous threatened with ‘killing’ Facebook. If they succeed you will never see again the popular  social-networking web site
The operation “Kill Facebook” will take place the fifth day of November and, according to Anonymous, will get rid of the social media website once and for all.
The reason for this attack is, as you know, the liberal personal information policies they’ve been enforcing ever since that social network exists. You can read more about it in an older article, but also HERE, HERE or HERE or you can Google it if you want, it’s all over the web really.

Anonymous however, is denying being behind the “Kill Facebook” operation. If that is true, who posted the threatening video then?  :ohgod:

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My Dictionary Died A Little Inside: Facebook Trademarks The Word ‘Face’

Facebook Evil!

Continuing with its tradition in complete douchebaggery, Facebook is now after your dictionary. Or, more specifically, just part of it; a couple of words. Can you guess which ones? Yes, you guessed right. As a matter of a fact, the next time you want to call someone “Ass-face” you may want to think about it twice, and it’s not because the person you are calling an “Ass-face” will kick your butt (which is also a damn good reason) but because Facebook trademarked the word “Face” and you may get into trouble for using that word in your insult. Not to mention that you won’t be able to make a business name with that word. Such as “Ass-Face Incorporated” or “Face Lifting (to get rid of that ass face)” which, by the way, have absolutely nothing to do with social notworking or Facebook.

Hit the break to learn more about how  your dictionary will be two words shorter!

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