Plane Almost Crashes Into A Predator Drone!!!!

Mysterious Object Almost Crashes With A Plane!

If you are planning to travel somewhere, you might as well take a bus there, because flying became a lot more dangerous!! And if you are reading this from a plane you might want to buckle your seat belt because there’s a pretty good chance your plane could crash into a predator drone! What’s that? You are not in Irak/Afganistan you say? Oh, it doesn’t matter! You can crash into one in the US too nowadays because, you know, the department of homeland security thought that the joy of crashing into a predator drone shouldn’t be exclusive of middle-eastern countries.

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China And Russia Team Up And Prepare For World War 3!!!!!!

Nuclear Anihilation

Remember that nuclear wang waving contest I talked about a week ago? Yes, the one that could jump-start world war 3! Well, a new “nuclear wang” joined the party and the whole thing promises to end up in a really nasty show for the rest of the world. And for those who are in doubt, I am not talking about real radioactive wieners or anything of that nature. It’s just a metaphor for countries disputing their superiority.

The main contenders are USA, Russia and most recently, China and I suppose more will join along the road. Yes, Folks, this could quickly become a disaster of Biblical proportions.

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The National Defense Authorization Act Is Going To Be Approved, Why No One Is Talking About It!?

East Germany Police State

So, in the past post I talked about how the US and Russia could soon engage in a nuclear war and how everything was going to suck from that day on. I also mentioned a little something called “The National Defense Authorization Act” and I believe I posted an OLD LINK about it too. But since that link is old as balls I decided to expand on it here.
Now, why am I and a whole bunch of people making such a big deal out of this National Defense Authorization Act? It could be the fact that the debate to approve it lasted only 10 minutes or that it was held at midnight. Or perhaps the fact that  the National Defense Authorization Act enables the government to lock up anyone suspected of terrorism for life without trial OR attorney. Please notice the words “suspected” and “without trial”. What is this? Stalinist Russia!? Are they going to send us to concentration camps in Siberia now? F***ing really!?
And you know what the worst part is? No one even knows or cares about it because the mainstream media is not talking about it!!

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Prepare For Nuclear War!!: Russia Waves Nuclear “Wang” In NATO’s Face!!!

Russia Threatens With Nuclear War!!!

The doomsday clock is yet again ticking and the time is once again, [very] close to midnight after Russia warned NATO that it’s ready for nuclear war any time now!!! But don’t blame it all on the Ruskies just yet, Folks. Turns out that most of their rival countries like ex-USSR states and other enemies are joining or trying to join NATO. Most of these countries are located along its western border. And then there is the anti-missile shield that the US is trying to build without Russia’s consent, also near Russian borders.
So naturally, Russia feels… Well, uhm… How to put this… Paranoid would be a suiting term.

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China Is Building Strange, Colossal Structures That Can Only Be Seen From A Satellite. In The Desert!!!

Satellite Photo Of Chinese Desert 01

No Folks, I am not talking about the great wall of China, nor am I talking about a monument of Chuck Norris’ wang (I have no evidence to believe that Chinese people like Chuck Norris movies). I am talking about something far more bizarre! This things make look the Nazca lines like a doodle on a post it note! Kinda like the ones I anonymously leave at my co-worker’s desk every morning, but less obscene and/or offensive.
Nobody knows what the structures are intended for. They could be for some kind of ritual magic, a habitable building, a race track or some kind of advanced spy satellite calibration system, who knows… No, really, who knows?

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SkyNET Is Awake!!: Computer Virus Infects Unmanned Combat Drones!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!!!!

Sick Predator Drones

First the nuclear silos and now the combat drones, what’s next? Probably a nuclear mushroom in the horizon. What the hell am I talking about? Nothing. Just robotic Armageddon Terminator-franchise-style! Yes, Folks, you read right. Another piece of shit dangerous military equipment seems to be in the hands of hackers. An informatic virus infected a bunch of US combat drones and the air force  can’t get rid of the malware! So far the only thing that the virus does is logging information about every keystroke the pilots are making while piloting the drones but who knows what it’ll do tomorrow!! And you can’t fool me, I’ve seen enough Terminator movies to know where this is going! First it takes over some drones and then it bombs some country and everything goes to hell in a hand basket knock-off Gucci bag!!
As I mentioned earlier this is the second time something like this happens. Exactly a year ago some missile silos were momentarily disabled. However, that time  the malfunction was blamed on a defective circuit board and not a computer virus.

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