The Extinction Of Honey Bees Was Monsanto’s Plan All Along!!!

Monsanto Bee Extinction

Remember that post Marty Crapper made some time ago about honey bees going extinct? Well, it turns out that perhaps the reasons why they are going extinct may have lied right in front of our faces the whole time. It was Monsanto‘s plan all along and we didn’t even notice! And I’m not just randomly pointing fingers (yes I am), I have real evidence backing my claim (sort of).
However, whether or not Monsanto is doing it isn’t even the real question here, what you should ask yourselves is: Why would Monsanto want to exterminate honey bees? Why do they need them dead so desperately when it’s honeybees that mostly pollinate the crops! It’s because of honeybees that we’re able to plant things! Hit the break to find out and read more about how life on Earth from now on is just going to suck balls.

Guns Don’t Kill People (The Government Does!): Media Turns The Blind Eye To Shooting In A Theater In San Antonio!!!

San Antonio Shooting

When the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting happened, one of the fist things I thought was: “I should post about this ASAP!” but then it dawned on me; it’s going to be smeared all over the news, it will hardly be news by the time my readers read it. So I decided to step back and let the disinformation outlets mainstream media do their work. I still kept looking for clues, trying to find a clue that pointed out to what we all suspected. This was just a pretext for a massive gun grab!
So this morning I found this: Another shooting, this time in San Antonio, Texas. However this one was totally different. It’s like it never happened! All the major news outlets are turning the blind eye to it or totally down-playing it! Read more about it after the break and find out why!

Cattle Deaths Linked To Bizarre GMO Grass Mutation That Produces Cyanide Gas!!!

Cattle Deaths Due To Cyanide Grass

Like straight out of that Hollywood movie Shit Happens The Happening, the grass that once used to feed cattle in a farm in Elgin, Texas is now killing it. That’s right, Folks, this new genetically modified strain is a mutation that produces its own cyanide gas! 15 Of the 18 cattle in a farm are dead and several other farms in the area tested positive for the same cyanide-infested grass but no other cattle deaths have been reported.
Holy Moly!! You can’t make this shit up, Folks! I can only imagine what is next; Probably a tree that punches tree-huggers in the face when they come close.

Hit the break to read more.

Actual Men In Black Spotted In A Building, Caught On Security Camera!!!

Men In Black

Remember that one time when you saw the UFO crash with the aliens coming out of the wreckage with their asses lit on fire? No, no you don’t. Of course you don’t! The Men In Black came and f***ed your mind up with the flashy thing and now you don’t remember. And you would never ever find out they were there unless they got caught on some sort of security camera. Which is exactly what happened here. These folks went to f*** someone up erase someone’s mind and they couldn’t find him, so they had to leave (HA HA HA!! LOSERS!!!).
The witness(es) describe these folks as odd looking, hairless, pale men wearing black suits. Very much like the descriptions from John Keel’s book The Mothman Prophecies!!

Hit the break for a video and explanation.

Hold on To Your Horses, Illuminati Video Linked?


Here you have it Folks, after the last few days of video surfing in Youtube I stumbled across these two videos that claim to belong to “Illumicorp”. This video looks simply as a trainee video for your average job, but it briefly reminds us of the role of Abstergo Industries from Assasin’s Creed game series. This video starts with explaining that there are higher social classes from the average low, middle and upper classes, each of them dedicated to specific tasks that increase as you gradually ascend on the top of the pyramid.

So get your comfy chair and prepared to be… Illuminated?

Domsday Clock One Minute Closer To Midnight. One Minute Closer To Destruction!!!!!

The Doomsday Clock Is Seen Showing Five Minutes To Midnight

Because 6 minutes till midnight apparently wasn’t enough, scientists from the board of directors of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists at the University of Chicago moved the Doomsday Clock’s hands 1 minute closer to midnight, letting the world know how fundamentally f***ed up the future of humanity really is. And I am not surprised. Not one little bit. I mean, all those nuclear wang-waving contests and nuclear incidents had to pay off somehow, right? Truth be told is that since the invention of the nuclear bomb human race have always been on the brink of total annihilation. In fact, I am quite surprised we are not even closer to midnight, ’cause from where I’m standing, it looks like we are really closer than you’d think.

Hit the break to learn more and weep for humanity.

2012 Is The Wrong Date, December 24th, 2011 Is The Real Deal!!

Repent! The End Is Nigh!

Recently I’ve been seeing more and more forums talking about how wrong the date for the Mayan apocalypse is (December 21st, 2012) and revealing the actual date, which according to them is December the 24th, 2011. At first I thought they were just forum ramblings but then I saw this clip taken from the show “In Search of…”, narrated by Spock Leonard Nimoy, circa 1978. And I know. I know the saying: “don’t believe everything you see on TV” but there are things that this kind of TV shows gotta get right if they want to keep their credibility, things like facts such as dates, names and places. So I decided to look more into it and guess what! Michael D. Coe, the guy who decoded the Mayan Calendar originally set the date for December the 24th, 2011!! And nobody else is talking about it!!!!! Only small Blogs! No mainstream news web sites, no mainstream media!!  Could the elite be covering this up by giving us the wrong date and not talking about the actual date which in reality is December the 24th, 2011?

hit the break to learn more about the upcoming Mayan apocalypse and ruin your Christmas!

The National Defense Authorization Act Is Going To Be Approved, Why No One Is Talking About It!?

East Germany Police State

So, in the past post I talked about how the US and Russia could soon engage in a nuclear war and how everything was going to suck from that day on. I also mentioned a little something called “The National Defense Authorization Act” and I believe I posted an OLD LINK about it too. But since that link is old as balls I decided to expand on it here.
Now, why am I and a whole bunch of people making such a big deal out of this National Defense Authorization Act? It could be the fact that the debate to approve it lasted only 10 minutes or that it was held at midnight. Or perhaps the fact that  the National Defense Authorization Act enables the government to lock up anyone suspected of terrorism for life without trial OR attorney. Please notice the words “suspected” and “without trial”. What is this? Stalinist Russia!? Are they going to send us to concentration camps in Siberia now? F***ing really!?
And you know what the worst part is? No one even knows or cares about it because the mainstream media is not talking about it!!

Hit the break for the “In crony-capitalist America you get life in jail!!”

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