Pyramids Found In Alaska And Antartica!

Antarctica Pyramids

What do Alaska and Antarctica have in common? If you answered snow and penguins, you are wrong! The correct answer is pyramids. That’s right, Folks, I am not kidding. Recent explorations in both regions yielded pictures and other evidence of mysterious pyramid-like shapes buried under the snow. Some of them, according to the source article, bigger than the ones in Egypt! But, why do two distant places literally a world apart from of each other have snow-covered pyramids? For starters pyramids are found all over the world, it seems to be an universal way to build ancient temples, so no surprise there. But how come they built a pyramid in such a hostile environment? And what do this finding mean?

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Now, I normally paste a chunk of text taken from the original article but in this particular case, all we have is long-ass video, which don’t get me wrong, every second of it is gold but if you are too lazy to go through the entire thing, the video goes on to explain that the United States has an underground base in Alaska where they are guarding a mysterious underground pyramidal structure, and by “guarding” I think they possibly mean using, researching and/or experimenting with it. The alleged use of this mysterious underground pyramid in Alaska is to produce energy; more than enough to power the entire nation of Canada, according to the source article. If all this is true, I might owe an apology to Mr. UFO Phil for thinking that his idea of a pyramid-shaped energy generator was freaking ridiculous.

Video courtesy of YouTube user DiscussionRadio

For more info visit to read about this: Part 1: Is There A Large Pyramid Underground Between Mt. McKinley and Nome, Alaska?

But wait, there is more!! That’s right, as I stated earlier, other pyramidal structures were found in the opposite end of the world; Antarctica! It’s unknown if these two are related or even if they look alike because so far there are no crystal clear photos of either of them so it’s hard to tell what is the relation between these two sites if there is any at all.

With the melting of the ice and snow in the Antarctic several pyramid like structures have been located. There are several pictures of what may be pyramids in Antarctica, that may be manmade or alien made. All over the world and even under the sea there are pyramids hundreds of feet tall being found that are thousands of years old. Several hundred in China/Tibet are thought to be12, 000 years old. They provide strong evidence of extraterrestrial intervention or that advanced civilizations once existed on Earth.

Pyramid Mountain located at (77°47′S 160°40′E77.783°S 160.667°Eis a mountain resembling a pyramid, rising to 2,120 meters (6,955 ft) in Antarctica. The name first appears on maps of the British Antarctic Expedition (R.F. Scott), in 1910-13, but the mountain was almost certainly seen for the first time during Scott’s first expedition in 1901. Pyramid Mountain is just short of 7,000 feet or more than a mile high and would have been a tremendous feat to build.

The picture below shows one and possibly two or three pyramids lined up Giza style. They look like natural mountains, but they could have been used as power plants to energize the craft. Christopher Dunn book, “The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt,” explains the technology of how the pyramids gather electrical energy.

Antarctica Pyramids

The article, which goes on to explain that this may in fact be the lost continent of Atlantis which perhaps sunk and froze. If this is true, we may be on the verge of the Archaeological discovery of the millennium! But being realistic we may never find out the truth, ‘they’ always cover everything up.

Visit to read more about it:  Antarctica Pyramids?

And just because I had some spare time to put it together, here’s a gallery with some of the photos I found online, enjoy.

Photos courtesy of Google Image Search

And just for the record, these are not the only newly discovered pyramids. Oh yes, there is more! Recently two complexes of pyramids were discovered through Google Maps/Google Earth, you can read more about it right HERE but essentially  all it says is that they found two previously unknown pyramid complexes in Egypt.

And there you have it, Folks, new pyramids found all around the world! Not to mention that one Millenniun-Falcon-shaped settlement at the bottom of the Baltic sea. I am not sure what to make of all of this. I don’t know if ‘they’ are preparing us for some sort of disclosure or if this is just a big coincidence. For now only one thing is sure: Something big is coming I just hope it doesn’t hit us on the head.

For now, if you need me I will be building my own pyramid-shaped helmet, just in case it does hit us on the head.

Special thanks to Triantus Shango for the tip.

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