Cannot Be Unseen: Bizarre Troll-Like Creature Found In Namibia, Africa!!

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If you weren’t having enough nightmares lately, here’s one for tonight. This thing was found and killed in Africa. This troll-like creature was reportedly sighted by a group of hunters and shot at. It’s yet unknown whether this thing is mutant, alien, a crypto-species or all of the above. One thing is clear; it looks like it came straight out of Santa’s Satan’s workshop. The creature features long, pointy ears, claws in its upper extremities, large eyes and appears to be male.

Hit the break to read more, watch a short video of the thing and look twice under the bed before going to sleep.

Locals came across this strange creature while they were escorting a shooting party in Namibia. Witness’s state that the creature was spotted apparently foraging for food, one of the shooting party wounded it with his rifle and it escaped into the thick brush. The locals tracked it to a nearby lair or nest where they found three more creatures of similar size. The wounded creature attacked one of the shooting party and it was shot dead, the others escaped into the brush. The body of the creature was taken back to the local camp, police later removed its corpse and a full forensics investigation is under way. A video is pending on this so I will post if and when I receive it. So what is this guys, an Alien, Goblin, maybe a new species of Pigmy or something more sinister, as always you decide.

Video & description courtesy of YouTube user StephenHannardADGUK

Now, let’s analyze this situation for a second: The fact that there are more beings like this thing, as stated in the video description, implies that this is not a freak of nature, like other creatures I’ve posted about in the past, this creature is probably a cryptid. In my opinion it’s very unlikely that this could be of alien origin unless it is an alien pet. It can’t be an intelligent alien species because if the creature has the technology to get to Earth from whatever other planet it was living in it certainly has the technology to defend itself from the attackers.
Then there is the fact that it attacked the hunters, why didn’t it attack before, when they shot the first time? It wasn’t defending itself. It was defending the rest of the group; the other three creatures. So from that we can conclude that this creatures are somewhat intelligent but probably not enough to make tools. And hopefully not enough to murder us in our sleep.

While you read look under your bed, I will be looking under mine.

Thanks to, which is where I saw this video.

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5 thoughts on “Cannot Be Unseen: Bizarre Troll-Like Creature Found In Namibia, Africa!!

  1. I’m from Namibia and there was no such thing reported in our media. Stop cooking up stories to get attention.

  2. It shares some features that are common side effects of a human born with a genetic disease known as cornelia de lange syndrome. It can cause hand and foot deformities (pincers), unusual facial features, and other oddities. It also can cause mental retardation, which might account for animal like behavior. Please check out the cornelia de lange syndrome on google and let me know what you think.

    • I do agree that this looks a bit like the result of Cornelia De Lange Syndrome, but the severity of it in this pic seems to be too severe to have been an actual human with this disease. The features are far too pronounced and malformed for it to be a human victim of Cornelia De Lange Syndrome. But that is a good angle on this. This is such a bizarre creature that it is baffling as to just what it could be.

  3. we need multiple shots of the creature from all sides and high definition video of the other creatures

    • I know. I’ve been looking but I haven’t seen any on the web, so that proves that this is either a fake or a case of mistaken identity (known species without fur or disfigured or something).

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