I Don’t Believe A Word!: Earthquakes In The US Supposedly Caused By Wastewater Injection!

Wastewater and Fracking Causes Eartquakes?

Remember how a few years ago scientists were all like “no, there’s no such thing as earthquake weather, earthquakes are not on the rise”? Well, guess what! They are now having second thoughts on that. Of course they are not going to admit they were wrong all along. Instead, they point out the fact that the recent rise in earthquake activity is linked to wastewater wells. Notice how they blatantly fail to mention anything about how they were wrong about earthquakes being on the rise after all and that there is such a thing as “earthquake weather”! They talk about it as if it was common knowledge!
And what is all this crap about wastewater anyways? Really!? What about volcanic activity? Is that one caused by wastewater too?  Also, this theory doesn’t explain why the rise in earthquake activity is global. In fact, I find more credible the idea that the recent rash in earthquake activity is caused by Satan’s fat-ass momma doing aerobics down at the center of the Earth or that the Mayans are practicing hard for December 21st!!! Because, we are forgetting a couple of things here: First off what’s up with all those strange Earth noises being recorded everywhere? And what about the sinkholes all around the world from a couple of years ago? Everyone seems to have forgotten all about those when talking about earthquake activity.  You know what I think? I think they are trying to cover up something. I just can’t pin-point what. Hit the break to learn more about this strange new theory about the wastewater causing a sudden rise in earthquake activity.


A huge increase in the number of minor earthquakes across the middle of the US is almost certainly caused by wastewater injection from oil or gas drilling, including the controversial technique known as fracking.

US Geological Survey (USGS) scientists say that the number of magnitude 3 or above earthquakes was pretty steady at about 21 quakes a year until around 2000. Since then, though, the number has shot up, with 151 events per year by

And, they say, there’s a correlation with the disposal of wastewater through deep-well injection, particularly in Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Ohio.

The findings are particularly sensitive given the recent increase in the use of ‘fracking’, or hydraulic fracturing, of shale beds in order to release natural gas.

After numerous anecdodal examples of a link, it’s been widely suggested that fracking could increase the chances of earthquakes; but this is happening only indirectly, says the Geological Survey.

“USGS’s studies do not suggest that hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as ‘fracking’, causes the increased rate of earthquakes,” says David Hayes, deputy secretarty for the US Department of the Interior.

“USGS’s scientists have found, however, that at some locations the increase in seismicity coincides with the injection of wastewater in deep disposal wells.”

Nevertheless, says the USGS, more research needs to be carried out – particularly into the question of whether wastewater injection could cause more serious earthquakes.

“Evidence from some case histories suggests that the magnitude of the largest earthquake tends to increase as the total volume of injected wastewater increases,” says Hayes. “Injection pressure and rate of injection may also be factors.”

 See, I have a problem with this theory. If you live elsewhere in the world, you will know this is downright bullcrap. Why? Because the sudden rise in the earthquake activity is not limited to US territory only and I know it’s not linked to fracking either because it’s happening everywhere! So what’s causing the earthquakes? My best guess is that it has something to do with the sun. Because that’s the only other thing that is malfunctioning this days besides the satellites and space probes.

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 While you read, I will be researching on how to earthquake-proof a bunkerized basement. Because honestly, I thought we would go in a fireball, not through a crack on the Earth…

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  1. Waste water wells and fracking is the new global warming. Keep and eye on the fracking issue as the liberal media will run hard with this over the next two years. The telltale words will be fracking is “suspected” of causing earthquakes or so and so “says he/she believe” that fracking is responsible. The liberal media will have a field day with this as global warming is (at least as a man made issue) is on its last legs. The liberal media and the environmentalist will do anything in their efforts to keep gas prices artificially inflated due to their misguided belief that high prices will bring about faster clean energy.
    P.S. like your site!

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