You Want Some Cancer To Go With Your Cancer?: Coke And Pepsi Contain Carcinogenic Substances!!!

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You know what’s really messed up? Today I discovered that I’ve apparently been consuming copious amounts of poison daily at work and I didn’t even know it! Turns out that Coca-Cola, the soda I’ve been drinking all this time at work (’cause that’s about all I can get from the only vending machine in the building) has a carcinogenic additive!! And if you are thinking:  “And why do I care? I’m a Pepsi kinda guy!” you are still in the same boat as me! ’cause Pepsi also contains the same carcinogenic additive and so does Dr. Pepper!! Hit the break to learn more and get completely Paranoid about what you drink!

NEW YORK — Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc. are changing the way they make the caramel coloring used in their sodas as a result of a California law that mandates drinks containing a certain level of carcinogens come with a cancer warning label.

The companies said the changes will be expanded nationally to streamline their manufacturing processes. They’ve already been made for drinks sold in California.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo account for almost 90 percent of the soda market, according to industry tracker Beverage Digest. A representative for Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. said all its caramel coloring now meet the new California standard.

The American Beverage Association, which represents the broader industry, said its member companies will continue to use caramel coloring in certain products but that adjustments were made to meet California’s new standard.

I must add to the record, that this is not the first time that companies are caught red-handed putting nasty, malignant additives in your food. A few months ago Kraft, Nestle, Starbucks and other brands were caught putting ground human aborted fetuses into their products! And God only knows about the ones we haven’t discovered yet! Like Soylent Green for example, I bet it’s made out of people! That’s why I don’t buy that shit, it ain’t healthy.

Visit The Washington Post to view the original article while I drink water coffee to try and clean my system of that poison.
Coca Cola, Pepsi and drink makers changing caramel processing to avoid cancer warning label

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  1. yea man flouride is in that shit too its nuclear waste lol on the back on toothpaste tubes it says call poison control if swallowed

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