New Megabacteria Resistant To Almost All Antibiotics Found In Antarctic Seawater


Just when you thought that the weaponized bird flu was the worst infection that humanity could face this year THEY FIND A NEW ONE!!!!  :-x Yeah, ’cause they know you’ve been sleeping well lately, you need a new reason to keep you up at night. Here it is: It’s called  CTX-M.
This one was found in seawater near the the coasts of Chile, and is resistant to nearly all antibiotics, if not all of them.
Now, I don’t know much about viruses and such but, if this thing was found in seawater, can’t it infect fish and other seafood? Could this be the cause of the mysterious fish deaths from 1 year ago? And even if the fish are immune to this thing, what if the fish can carry the bacteria and infect a person when they eat the meat?  8-O

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BACTERIA that can resist nearly all antibiotics have been found in Antarctic seawater.

Björn Olsen of Uppsala University in Sweden and colleagues took seawater samples between 10 and 300 metres away from Chile’s Antarctic research stations, Bernardo O’Higgins, Arturo Prat and Fildes Bay. A quarter of the samples of Escherichia coli bacteria carried genes that made an enzyme called ESBL, which can destroy penicillin, cephalosporins and related antibiotics (Applied and Environmental Microbiology, DOI: 10.1128/AEM.07320-11).

Bacteria with these genes can be even more dangerous than the better known superbug MRSA. That’s because the genes sit on a mobile chunk of DNA that can be acquired by many species of bacteria, increasing the incidence of drug-resistant infections such as the E. coli outbreak last year in Germany.

The type of ESBL they found, called CTX-M, is common in bacteria in people, and the Uppsala study found that concentrations of resistant bacteria were higher close to the sewage outfalls from the stations. Some Antarctic stations started shipping out human faeces for incineration after gut bacteria were found nearby. Chile’s research stations have virtually no sewage treatment in place, says Olsen.

That’s the second superbug found near Chile by the way, just a few months ago the Megavirus Chilensis was found near the coast of Chile and was cataloged as the biggest virus known to mankind! Which leads me to believe that either there is a secret laboratory cooking this kind of shit in the area and spilling it in the ocean or the global warming is melting off the arctic ice which in turn had this superbugs encased in it for millions of years  and now they are being released into the world again!!!! I honestly can’t think of a better explanation, can you?  :disapprove:

Visit to read more about it while I dust off my old and reliable asshat hazmat suit. Because bright yellow is my favorite color when there’s a new super-virus/bacteria out there.

Superbugs spied off the Antarctic coast

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  1. Well, apparently the clock is ticking. Not much longer to wait, I’m afraid. As John Malkovitch’s character says towards the end of the movie ‘Red’: ‘Something bad’s going to happen.’

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