Strange Sounds From All Over The World!!!

Strange Sounds From All Around The World!

Have you seen District 9? Remember the sound emitted from the spaceship at the end? Well Friends ever since last year this noise has been heard and recorded all over the world. From the Ukraine to a baseball game in the U.S., this has left many people to ponder up a crapload of theories ranging from the Trumpets of the Apocalypse,UFO’s, HAARP, and even a phenomenon related to the motion of the Earth or even the Universe itself. Nonetheless these particular pitches send both shivers down my spine and fascination on what it could be.

Hit the break for the rest.  

  Hold on to your butts and listen at this (Whathehellisthat!!!) vid from 2011:

Pretty creepy huh? Now imagine this phenomenon happening over several parts of the world in a short time. That’s right! Its weird to imagine this but over the last few days these strange sounds have been heard from Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Canada and I have a feeling that this will continue and without a doubt it could be witnessed again in the near future. If you think that ghostly noise in the past video was creepy enough, get your diapers ready cause these next vids will shock your world:

These vids are from Costa Rica Jan. 9 2012 (the second video is unfortunately in Spanish but in short it explains that it can’t be a hoax due to the many “tweets” made the very next day regarding what happened)

This video is from Chile Jan. 12 2012

This one from Alberta, Canada the very same day as the one from Chile Jan. 12 2012

In Short, there are a buttload of videos out and for sure many of them are a fake, others can prove real, but can it be? Beats me. But whats important is that this is becoming more present thanks to technology like a digital camera or even a cellphone, this phenomenon can be presented to the world. To finish, I can slightly agree on what it is being said on the web on several blogs:

“Do not fall victim to the disinformation campaign now being carried out that claims that    because two or three of the videos may have been a hoax the whole thing is one big joke.

This is far from the truth. The strange sounds story was not broke by an one individual or          youtuber, they were posted by many different people and put together by websites and     youtubers.”

Citation of the previous statement:

Well Folks after this I’m personally preparing my house against Christopher Johnson’s Prawn armada cause let me tell ya this, no Prawn is taking away Mr. Mittens cat food… Whats that? Its just a movie!!! District 9!!!!!! How was I supposed to know? I said it in the beginning!!!1!1! Well what ever. For now I’m checking out, gotta go feed Mr. Mittens.

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5 thoughts on “Strange Sounds From All Over The World!!!

  1. the Russian/Satanic Alliance ??? is that that band i keep hearing so much bout? they really cook…

  2. The Strange Sounds Are Mind Control, Read This!

    You would be very wise to cease to listen to these sounds. These low-level sounds have a very terrible effect on the body. These sounds cause the lower nerve center of the body to oscillate at a lower frequency, to slow down in its circulation, and to open up. When this happens, demonic entities can quickly enter into one’s body. This lower neurological center is also the “seat” of the soul. This is the place where the soul is attached to one’s body.

    When one listens to these sounds, one may experience an actual pain, or vibration in the lower abdominal area, or at the base of the spine. This sensation may be pronounced, or very subtle. Many may not notice this strange sensation at all as most people are not really focused on any inner sensations, but have their eyes and ears glued to the outside world.

    These Satanists are not at all stupid. They know exactly what they are doing in pummeling the people with these terrible sounds. But, the people do not know and they are literally opening themselves to demonic possession, to very great mind control, and even in due season to the easing of the soul from its housing in the body, or in the causing of an unstable connection of the soul to one’s body. This, then, is creating something like a dissociative state.

    The unstable ones will fall first. Hear me in this. This is a very serious problem, but sadly many will not listen. Do not spend your time listening to these sounds. You may already be in trouble.

    This warning is not a joke.

    linda newkirk

    You can read the full warning here,

    This is an excerpt,

    Know, My Blessed Child, that this is the New World Order goal and the New World Order mindset. Understand?

    Yes, my Lord.

    Now, My Blessed Child, through their great assaults against their own people, many of whom are indeed godless, empty souls, the Russian/Satanic Alliance is intent upon creating one mind.

    But, Father, how so?

    My Blessed Child, through this barrage of disharmonic sounds, they are seeking to cause the people to emerge as one through the simultaneous opening of the lower neurological centers, which tie them to base human emotions, like sex, fear and dread.

    With the opening of the lower and primary nerve centers, they are also preparing for a greater demonic infiltration/possession and a loosing of the soul at the level of the attachment of the soul, at the level of the lowest neurological centers. (Note: at the base of the spine.)

    With the soul at loose attachment, they will also seek to drive some souls from their bodies, or to create a dissociative state for the body (and soul), thereby creating armies of automatons. This is one great experiment, but still on a small scale and will most assuredly work, especially on many of those, who are already devoid of My light.

    However, My Little One, for those, who love Me, this is a time of very terrible and very severe trials and few will overcome the great inner stresses, which are created by this great assault on the lower nerve centers, if they do not remain extremely close to Me at all times.

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