Goodbye Internet: Internet Kill Switch Ready To Be Used. They Call It SOPA.

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Remember that Internet kill switch I’ve been warning you about all this time? It’s here! Yes, Folks, it may not seem like a lot but appearances can be deceiving. If this bill passes, if you let this happen, then the sky is the limit for these people! You can kiss goodbye the Internet you know and love and your freedom of speech.
And remember, Folks, this bill is being pushed by the exact same people who twist, bend and distort the existing laws to their own benefit! Laws that are meant to serve the regular Joe Schmoe, not some white shoe fat cat! They are not going to get the real criminals (partly because they are the criminals), they are out to smother their competitors and anyone whose opinion they don’t agree with!
It doesn’t matter whether you are an American citizen or not, if this law passes in America, believe me, it will soon extend to the rest of the globe.

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SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, is another one of those bills that sounds like it’s going to do something mildly positive but, in reality, has serious potential to negatively change the internet as we know it. It puts power in the hands of the entertainment industry to censor sites that allegedly “engage in, enable or facilitate” copyright infringement. This language vague enough to encompass sites you use every day, like Twitter and Facebook, making SOPA a serious problem. Here’s how it works and what you can do about it.

How Does SOPA Work, and Why Should I Care?

The idea behind SOPA sounds reasonable. It came about in order to try to snuff out piracy online, as the entertainment industry is obviously not excited about the many people downloading their product without their permission. The issue is, however, that it doesn’t really matter whether you’re in support of piracy, against it, or just don’t care. SOPA makes it possible for companies to block the domain names of web sites that are simple capable of, or seem to encourage copyright infringement.

This means that if Lifehacker happened to have an article or two that could be interpreted as piracy-friendly, our domain could be blocked so it’s unaccessible by visiting What the bill can’t do is block numeric IP addresses, so you could still access Lifehacker, or any other site that could be censored, if you knew that address. This is important because it means this bill can’t do much to stop downloaders of pirated content. If a domain name is blocked, everything will still work via the numeric IP address. Basically, the bill will be no good at stopping piracy—what it was apparently designed to do—but excellent at censoring any web site capable of providing its users with the means of promoting pirated content or allowing the process. This includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and many more. If it’s possible to post pirated content on the site, or information that could further online piracy, a claim can be brought against it. This can be something as minor as you posting a copyrighted image to your Facebook page, or piracy-friendly information in the comments of a post such as this one. The vague, sweeping language in this bill is what makes it so troubling.

Not to mention the thousands of loopholes in this bill, which if you ask me, I think it is more designed to shut down the competition rather than protecting someone’s intellectual rights.
For instance: Sumner Redstone is one of the main supporters of  Protect IP and SOPA but, did you know that one of his companies, CBS had the Largest Copyright Infringement case filed against it in HISTORY?
And if the name rings any bell it’s because you may remember him from that Viacom-YouTube lawsuit. Yes, ol’man Sumner sued YouTube last year for the astonishing sum of: wait for it… wait for it… ONE BILLION DOLLARS!!! *plays dramatic music* That’s right! But guess what! Viacom, which is nothing more than another one of Sumner’s companies owns not one but several copyright-infringing web sites!! One of this web sites is Spike TV, formerly known as iFilm. The web site is overflowing with piracy and  YouTube Partner Videos illegally embedded (read more about it HERE). Software piracy? Sumner has it too! He owns,  one of the biggest copyright infringers online that do so “legally”! Don’t believe me? WATCH THIS and READ THIS!

And that is only the tip of the iceberg. If you look harder I’m pretty sure you will find lots and lots more skeletons in their closets! That’s right, not only Sumner’s! Check THIS out!! And THIS!!! Go ahead, Google it too!!!1! It’s everywhere!!!  :dizzy:
This has nothing to do with piracy or copyrights, they just want to monopolize the online entertainment industry by taking down their competitors!

Luckily there is still hope:

What Can I Do About SOPA?

Currently Twitter, Google, Reddit, Kickstarter, Tumblr, Mozilla, Yahoo, AOL, eBay, Zynga, Facebook, and several other sites have spoken out in opposition of SOPA. If you’d like to as well, there are a couple of things you can do.

First, call your congressperson on the phone. This is especially important if you live in Texas, Michigan, Vermont, or Iowa. You can also send a letter to your congressperson by visiting the American Censorship Day web site. To activate the contact widget, you have to click the “Try it out” link that’s wedged between two screenshots of a censored logo and the “Website Blocked” widget you’re trying to open. This will provide you with a form and allow you to send a letter.

Second, get the word out. Post this article, the American Censorship Day web site, or any other information about SOPA on your social media accounts. Send emails to friends and family. If you oppose the bill, help others to understand why they should oppose it as well.

SOPA is on the fast track, so if you want to fight it you need to do so today. We do, however, recommend you get to know the bill so you you can make an informed decision regarding how you feel about it.

Well, there you have it. Now get proactive and help to save the Internet!!

Visit to read more about this travesty while I mail xerox copies of my half-Irish butt to all the supporters of this crap! (believe me, it’s not pretty!!):
All About SOPA, the Bill That Wants to Cripple Your Internet

Special thanks to Reddit user Cherrynator, for posting this: Stop Online Piracy Act – Best check this out, the more people that know the better. While it’s title sounds fine, what it will enable corporations to do is not.

And special thanks to which is where I got [most of] the Sumner Redstone information from:

UPDATE: In case everything else fails:
Wary Of SOPA, Reddit Users Aim To Build A New, Censorship-Free Internet



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  1. guys, i live in south korea and here they have had such a system in place for years now… it is in effect a police society and no one complains about it. scary and depressing. looks like the future is going to be techno-grim.

  2. Bah!!!! Ohhhh and if it passes who wants to start taking bets on WHEN IT GETS HACKED AND USED AGAINST US!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think it will be eventually hacked, but I don’t think it will be used against us. Maybe the collateral damage will affect us somehow but I think that all attacks will be focused on the a**holes who stole it from us in the first place.

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