Aborted Fetuses Found In Food, Humanity One Step Closer To Soylent Green!!!

Soylent Green Is People!!

Have you ever had the craving for human flesh? No? Don’t be so sure, chances are, maybe you did and you don’t even know it! You read right, Folks. Did you know that some corporations put ground-up fetuses in your food? Well, maybe it’s time you know. And not only one brand, the human fetus/kidney cells combo has been found in several brands of food as “artificial flavoring”!!
And I don’t mean to get political here, I don’t give a pigeon’s fart if you are pro-life or pro-abortion, eating your own species’ flesh is just plain wrong f***ed up!

Wanna know who the culprits are? Hit the break to learn more and feel like a canibal!!

It has come to my attention if you use products created by Nestle, Kraft, Cadbury, Starbucks, PepsiCo, and until recently Campbells and Solae, you are using products created in part by aborted fetuses. That’s right, aborted fetuses are used under the name of “artificial flavors” in these products.

I know this sounds outrageous and horrific but it’s true. A pro-life group called “Children of God for Life” has claimed that the company Senomyx, trading under the stock market ticker of SNMX, is using aborted fetuses in their products to supposedly enhance flavor. Due to the fact that a miniscule amount of aborted fetus cells or human embryonic kidney cells are used they are only listed as “artificial flavors” rather than identified specifically for what they are. Children of God for Life is a watch-group that follows the use of aborted fetuses in products. When confronted with the use of fetal cells in it’s creation of artificial flavoring, companies Campbell and Solae ended it’s relationship with Senomyx. The Children of God for Life is calling for a boycott of these companies and I have to tell you after discovering this it should not be difficult to stop using these products.

Here is a list of just some of the products that have human aborted fetuses in them: Kraft Mayonnaise, Pepsi, Nestle Chocolate Milk, Starbucks Iced Coffee Drinks, Nestea, Nestle Ice Cream products and Kraft Salad Dressings.

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. I think it tastes kinda like cof–. Oh God!!  :ohgod: Aborted-fetus-Starbucks-coffee!!! *BAAAAAAAARRRFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!* :barf:

Visit brie-hoffman.hubpages.com to read the entire article and watch a  disturbing video set to some creepy-ass piano music that I did not embed here because I’m lazy it’s too scary.
Products and Companies that use Aborted Fetuses

Now, if you excuse me, I have to throw away half of my food supplies.

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