Another Weird-Ass Alien Caught On Camera In Brazil, This One Was Fake Alive!!!

Brazil UFO AlienIt looks like Brazil have become a popular UFO hotspot over the last few days and not the good kind either. The number of  [fake] sightings went up in the last few weeks and this whole situation has me wondering whether this is a disinformation campaign or Brazilian aliens became an exploitation classic for Internet videos.
This new Brazilian alien, which totally looks like something straight out of Jim Henson’s workshop, unlike the last one I posted, is alive and kicking. The video shows the alien taking a few steps backwards and hiding behind a car towards the end. The quality of the video is quite bad and the sound of the video was replaced by a creepy music track but that’s not what made me suspect of the whole thing. Hit the break to watch the video and read an analysis.

Video courtesy of YouTube user thirdphaseofmoon

Here’s the info that came with the video:

New Video out of Brazil!!! Crazy Alien Encounter in The Rain Forest! UFO Sightings and Paranormal Activity THIRDPHASEOFMOON! 

Ok, so what made me suspect? First off the fact that the video is backwards! Yes, folks, I’m afraid to tell you that this video is faker than those “genuine” watches that the street vendor tried to sell me this morning! Notice the clumsy walk of the “alien”, if you reverse the video it looks just like a regular toddler. Which brings me to the second point: Look at the neck/shoulders area, you can totally see where they spliced together both pictures; The fake-ass alien head and the toddler! To top it all out, the author added a shitty filter to the video, I suppose for realism. It didn’t work for me, it looks totally fake and gray gay, sorry.

While you watch, I will be buying one of them “genuine” watches. ‘Cause it’s my boss’ birthday tomorrow and I like him.

Special thanks to Tony Lorenzini from Facebook for the tip on this one.

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