Impressive Leaked UFO & Gray Alien Footage, Is It Real This Time Or Just Another Hoax?

Gray Alien Video

Just weeks after the mysterious disclosure about alien life by the US government, two videos were released to the public from an unknown source, featuring flying saucers and live gray aliens caught on tape doing what they do best! (looking creepy)
To be more specific, one of the videos shows a gray alien creature and the other shows what appears to be a crashed flying saucer a.k.a. UFO. Almost like out of an X-Files episode! I gotta tell you folks, this is the most realistic footage posted here yet, almost too good to be true. And I am not the only one who thinks that, the author of the source article where I found this two videos explains that it could be a Hollywoodesque  marketing stunt to ‘viralize’ a trailer for a gray-alien-related movie where the main character gets repeatedly ass-probed. In other words: Fake and most definitely gray gay. Mostly gay. I mean, ass-probing? That can’t be not gay.
Freudian slips aside, footage like this has been ‘leaking’ to the public since forever and a lot of these were proved to be elaborate hoaxes. Is it real this time? Hit the break to watch both videos and decide for yourself!


Both videos courtesy of YouTube user ivan0135

Holy shit! That was scary. Especially the macabre smile of the gray alien.  If I ever see someone smiling at me like that I will crap my pants. And it’ll be awkward for everyone. Everyone but the aliens. Cause they deal with that kind of shit all the time. Such is the probing business.

Visit to view the original article while I show this to my neighbors and video tape their reaction. (priceless)
Captured Alien & UFO Crash Video Real?


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3 thoughts on “Impressive Leaked UFO & Gray Alien Footage, Is It Real This Time Or Just Another Hoax?

  1. I think even with a very advanced civilization accidents still do happen. I mean no matter how smart and advanced they are they cant be perfect, maybe their anti-chrash-auto-pilots as you call them malfuctioned or something. I really dont know what to say about the videos … i always hope they are real ’cause i really want them to be real so my opinion is not really objective. (Sorry if i spelled anything wrong my english is not so great)

  2. Cool. what I don’t understand why would an advance species crash their ship I would think their vehicles are built to last since they are traveling great distances. Unless their was a fight with another ship or foul play at hand.

    • No matter how tough a ship is, when you crash it it breaks. There is no such thing as indestructible in this universe. You should better ask yourself: Why did it crashed?
      As you stated, they are an advanced civilization and they must have anti-crash-auto-pilots in their ships. I mean, they mastered intergalactic travel didn’t they? Then artificial intelligence should not be a problem.

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