The Scary Truth About Fukushima, Chernobyl And Radiation In General And What You Can Do To Survive It. Plus A Cool Chart Of Radiation Dosage!

Radiation Chart

Click HERE to view the full radiation dosage chart, cause the picture above shows what’s merely the tip of the radioactive iceberg!

We’ve all heard and read about the Fukushima nuclear disaster, but, just how bad is it and how is it going to affect you, regardless of the part of the world you live in? That’s right, I said affect you! Helen Caldicott, an Australian physician says the situation could be even worse than you think (don’t they all say that?). Dr. Caldicott goes even further and claims that the worst effects of Chernobyl have been suppressed from the media, that half of Europe is still radioactive 25 years after the incident and that Chernobyl is a mere malfunction compared to Fukushima! And let me tell you folks, if shit is half as bad as she says, we are royally screwed as a species!
Also, on a side note, to the engineers who invented  nuclear power plants: WTF WERE YOU THINKING?!?! Using radioactive shit to boil water that in turn moves turbines!? How come nobody thought this could happen?  :-?

Hit the break to get paranoid watch a video of Helen explaining everything and to read some advices on what you can do to save your ass from the radiation poisoning.

Video courtesy of rulesofethics on YouTube

Holy shit that is quite a story! But I did verified some of the claims she made and she appears to be telling the truth. I don’t know about the radioactive food but the part about getting instant cancer from standing directly in front of a fuel rod is completely true (You can check on the radiation dosage chart above) and so is the part about the toxicity and the half-life of some of the radioactive elements she named, therefore there’s a pretty big chance that the rest of what she is saying is also true! So what can we possibly do to survive now that we know the boogie man? Here are a few advices, courtesy of

Step 1: Prevention with Potassium Iodide

In humans, the thyroid gland is prone to absorbing radioactive iodine. But when Potassium Iodide (KI) is taken orally, it saturates the thyroid with non-radioactive iodine, reducing the amount of radiation the thyroid will take in. But this is not a foolproof plan for prevention—it does not stop other organs in your body from being exposed or contaminated with radiation.

So, if you have a good stock of Potassium Iodide tablets, then you’re a step ahead of everyone else, though taking KI irresponsibly could have adverse health reactions. In some people, taking KI where there is no radiation can actually damage the thyroid gland. It’s advised that you don’t take any until elevated radiation levels hit your area.

But interestingly, a report commissioned by Congress in 2003 recommended that everyone under the age of 40, located near a nuclear power plant, should have these pills on hand. And this is despite recent efforts from the CDC and DHSC preventing Americans from obtaining Potassium Iodide; Pharmacists are refusing to sell and is currently sold out.


  • Do not take these pills if you are allergic to iodide.
  • Only take when directed by state or local health authorities during a radiation emergency.

Paranoid Advice: If you have no idea where to get these Potassium Iodide tablets, can’t afford them or you are simply too lazy to get your ass off the couch to go buy them, you have one other option: red wine! That’s right! Now you can get drunk and survive the nuclear holocaust! While this delicious beverage is not an actual substitute for the Potassium Iodide tablets it will help to protect your cells against radiation damage. I’d quote the original article where I read that here but it’d get Inception-y so I will just leave a link so you can read it by yourself:
Drink Red Wine to Avoid Radiation Illnesses

Aaaaand, before you start to eat truckloads of table salt, contrary to popular belief, table salt is not a valid substitute for Potassium Iodide, you would need dozens of tablespoons per day to reach the proper and proven dose, which would be fatal for you. Read more about it here:
Don’t Eat Table Salt For Radiation Protection! It Can Kill You!

Step 2: Decrease Exposure


It may seem obvious, but time is the most important step to thwarting deadly health consequences from radiation exposure. The longer a human is exposed to radiation, the larger the hazardous dose, the more harm it will cause.

So, get away from the potential radiation source as soon as you can.

Step 3: Remove Contaminants

When conducting relief efforts in Japan, U.S. helicopter crew members showed low levels of radioactivity. Even low levels could cause potential health risks in the long run. Cancers from radiation poisoning can take as long as 10 years to show up.

But after some quick reaction protocols, no further contamination was detected on the crew members. What did they do? Scrub.

When shortly exposed to radiation, it’s possible that you only sustained external contamination, not internal. And the best way to make sure it stays that way is to:

  • Take off all of your clothes (shirts, shoes, underwear… everything) and place them in secured plastic bags. Removing these items eliminates roughly 90% of external contamination.
  • Shower with soap and water, scrubbing hard to remove any possible radiation from the body. This helps with the remaining 10% of external contamination, and lowers the risk of you breathing, ingesting or being infected by harmful radiation particles.

That’s it. When it comes to being exposed to radiation, you should always, 1). get the hell out of there, and 2). decontaminate yourself.

Step 4: Increase Distance

Now that you’ve evacuated yourself from the infected area and cleaned up a bit, it’s time for the third step—increasing your distance to the infected zone. If you double the distance between you and the danger zone, the possible exposure of radiation is reduced by a factor of 4 (inverse-square law).

With winds pushing radiation clouds around, it could become a game of cat and mouse, where you’re constantly on the run as it chases you around.

Step 5: Shielding

The next logical step is to shield yourself from radiation, which will help lessen exposure. Shelters are the obvious choice, but even clothes can help reduce the amount of exposure. Things like paper and normal clothing can prevent alpha particles from penetration obstructions. Heavier clothing is necessary to prevent beta particles from penetrating. But gamma rays possess immense energy, and you would need lead shielding to stop them. So, a shelter with lead covering is best.

And of course… don’t forget proper ventilation.

See Step 7 below for a guide on proper shelters.

Step 6: Treatment Medications

If you’ve been exposed to internal contamination of radioactive particles, you must take medication to try and flush it out.

  • Blocking agents like Potassium Iodide are used to stop radioactive iodine from invading your thyroid gland (Step 1), but is also used after exposure to stop further exposure and flush toxic particles out through urine. Other blocking agents include Potassium Phosphate (dibasic) and Propylthiouracil.
  • There’s also something called Prussian Blue, an ion exchanger that binds to the radioactive particles of cesium and thalium, reducing the amount of radiation that cells may absorb, according to the Mayo Clinic. Then, the radioactive particles are excreted through feces. However, the CDC warns that people SHOULD NOT take Prussian Blue artist’s dye in an attempt to treat themselves, because it’s not made for the purpose of radiation treatment.
  • Chelating agents are also use, like the chemical called Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid, which binds to radioactive particles of plutonium, americium and curium. Then those radioactive particles pass out of the body in urine, reducing the amount of radiation absorbed. Other chelating agents include Ca-DTPA, Zn-DTPA and Dimercaprol.

For a full list of medication used to treat and manage internal contamination of radiation poisoning, check out “Managing Internal Contamination” from the Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM) website from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Step 7: More Ways to Reduce the Risk of Contamination

If you can’t get a hold of Potassium Iodide tablets (Step 1), there are other simple techniques to be aware of to prevent or reduce thyroid damage. The Nuclear War Survival Skills (NWSS) by Cresson Kearny gives the following tips for accidents or nuclear war.

  • Do not drink or otherwise use fresh milk produced by cows that have consumed feed or water consequentially contaminated with fallout or other radioactive material resulting from a peacetime accident or from nuclear explosions in a war.
  • As a general rule, do not eat fresh vegetables until advised it is safe to do so. If under wartime conditions no official advice is obtainable, avoid eating fresh leafy vegetables that were growing or exposed at the time of fallout deposition; thoroughly wash all vegetables and fruits.
  • If a dangerously radioactive air mass is being blown toward your area and is relatively small (as from some possible nuclear power facility accidents), and if there is time, an ordered evacuation of your area may make it unnecessary even to take potassium iodide.
  • For protection against inhaled radioactive iodine, the FDA Final Recommendations (which are mentioned in the preceding section) state that the following measures “should be considered”: “..sheltering [merely staying indoors can significantly reduce inhaled doses], evacuation, respiratory protection, and/or the use of stable iodide.”

You can download the NWSS for free here.

Taken from: How To Lessen the Effects of Radiation Poisoning from a Nuclear Disaster

And that concludes today’s lesson on how to survive nuclear fallout from a nuclear incident such as Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island or Fukushima, I hope it was as educative for you as it was for me. For more information on how to survive other stuff please check my other lessons on survival:

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While you read, I will be getting piss-ass drunk drinking red wine. You know, to minimize the radiation damage to my cells and maximize the damage to my liver.

UPDATE: Found this neat video surfing the web this morning, check it out!

Video courtesy of YouTube user TheAlexJonesChannel



Special thanks to Sparky Roots for sharing this video on her Facebook wall and to Alex and Armando, who helped me with the research.



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