Italian UFO Sightings Allegedly Warn About Possible Future Cataclysmic Event!

Italian UFO

After the wave of UFO sightings that preceded the Japanese earthquake/tsunami combo last month, UFOlogists somehow noticed a pattern and are now predicting a new natural disaster, but this time in Italy. They are making this prediction based on a recent wave of UFO sightings happening all across the Italian peninsula.
How on earth did they come to this re-god-damn-tarded conclusion is beyond my powers of deduction but they did and here I am, reporting it to you. Because there is always the slightest bit of probability that this ridiculous apocalyptic predictions become true. Or maybe not, I don’t know. I mean, it’s not like it’s not going to happen at all but, what if it does? It’s better to be prepared than sorry. So, in case the Italian peninsula is going to get a lethal dose of ‘vitamin earthquake’ keep an eye open.

Hit the break to read more about it and watch a video.

Unprecedented UFO activity preceding the devastating earthquake and tsunami that ravished large swathes of Japan’s coast and left thousands dead and many more homeless was well documented.
Many UFO researchers and scientists have proven a definite link between such natural disasters and UFO sightings.
Another country which has experienced unprecedented UFO activity in the last few months is Italy. In recent weeks UFOs have been seen and filmed from Naples to Abruzzo and Tarantino to Rome. The UFO footage below comes from the outskirts of Rome and was filmed around a week ago.
Italian UFO researchers are unsure of the reasons behind this recent and unrelenting UFO flap, however many are well aware that such activity often foretells of some cataclysmic natural disaster and might be ET’s way of warning us of impending doom.

Ok, so let me see if I got this straight: The UFOs are trying to warn us about a future cataclysmic event by hovering repeatedly over a particular area? Why don’t they just send us a note if they care so much? How about a crop circle? That would work too. I certainly don’t get this ‘signs’ about just flying over a given area. If I know someone in my neighborhood who is going to get hurt somehow I contact them and tell them, not loiter around his or her house for weeks. That’s just creepy!

In brief, so far there is no good way of predicting earthquakes. Not even the big ass moon supermoon worked and I was quite sure about that one, but nothing happened the day when there was supposed to be peak seismic activity so, yeah. We’ll leave earthquake prediction to cats seismologists for now, until someone comes up with a reliable way.

Visit to see the original article while I go visit the local cat lady to get a couple of ‘seismographs’. I can’t afford the electronic kind.
UFO sightings across Italy foretell impending doom?

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    Further more : Bermuda Triangle and Dragon Triangle …very plausible and interesting …I leave ya 2 b the Judge !!! as 4 us , We are ridding under the table and the bathroom / source of water as been barricaded

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