A Nuclear Power Plant In Japan Blew Up After The Powerful Earthquake, Experts Fear New Chernobyl!

Handout satellite image of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after earthquake and tsunami

A nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan was badly damaged after the monster earthquake that hit Japan past Saturday, soon after the damage occurred one of the reactors exploded and the whole thing is leaking nuclear fuel and there is radiation coming out of everywhere and everything sucks, a second explosion was reported (it sucks too).
Didn’t I warned you about this, people? Didn’t I!? No, actually I didn’t. I had no idea this could happen all over again after Chernobyl. I thought we learned a lesson with that accident incident. I guess children born with tentacles and 5 balls are not enough to convince governments to switch to clean, renewable energy.
At first this nuclear disaster was compared to Chernobyl, but now experts say it is much worse. Over 170,000 people have been evacuated already from the areas surrounding the Fukushima nuclear plants and now it’s been confirmed that there is radiation leaking to the atmosphere.

Hit  the break to watch a bunch of videos and learn more about this terrible disaster. Possibly get paranoid too.


All videos courtesy of Russia Today, on YouTube

There are also reports that there are mass evacuations going on in the north east of Japan due to the severity of this catastrophe.

Now, I don’t want to sound Paranoid, but this disaster almost looks tailored to me. You know what I’m saying? I think it’s too much of a coincidence that so many energy-related environmental disasters happen lately in such short time frame. First BP, then the Chinese spill, then another one in the Kalamazoo river now this, maybe it’s just my Paranoia, maybe it’s just HAARP a coincidence.

Regardless of the environmental damage, the situation seems bleak for the Japanese people, I feel terrible for them. First the earthquake, then the tsunami, and now their power plant blows up. Those poor people could use your help. If you are in good economic shape, please consider donating. Here are a couple of links where you can make a donations to the Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund and get some good Karma for a change:

Japan Earthquake Relief Fund (UJA-Federation of New York)
Japan Earthquake Relief Fund(Japan Society, New York)
Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami(American Red Cross)
Donate to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund

Or, if you prefer, on Facebook:

Please help Japan

While you read and donate, I will be breaking the Paranoid piggy bank, to donate myself.

UPDATE: OH GOD!! The thing blew up in my hands!! I totally forgot I boobie-trapped the bastard!

UPDATE: For those who are following this story, here is an explanation of what happened to the reactor in the Fukushima plant. (Thanks to Armando for the link)

Video courtesy of nickelson666 on YouTube

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