UFO Ejects Orbs Over São Paulo, Brazil

According to eyewitness testimony, on November 27, 2015 while playing poker at a 17th floor apartment, we heard some pops/explosions sounds that at first seemed like fireworks or gun shots. When we looked out the window we observed this rather strange star-like object hovering and dropping star-like objects directly under it that seemed to be making these explosions and disappearing.
São Paulo Ovani Photo Brazil

It looked like fireworks but still oddly was very different, as it seemed a rather strange display of fireworks. The UFO would suddenly get brighter and revert back seemingly without much order. It was a bit higher than where we were and approximately 2 km away. 

This happened for about 5 minutes, slowly diminishing the amount of objects that exploded being dropped. At one point during this it seemed to cast a light which made us think it might have been a helicopter. We tried to decipher what it was as it sometimes seemed to exhibit a helicopters behavior, a comet, a drone or balloon with fireworks, but we ended ruling those things out to due to its strange behavior.

After or maybe even during this it started moving horizontally west, while still leaving some of these objects behind, but this time it seemed more like star dust and no explosions were made. Some of these “stars”would veer to the right and left of the object. This happened for another couple of minutes or so until it seemed like it was consumed by this fire with many sparks, like if it were exploding, emitting a lot of light. But it emerged out of this like nothing happened and continued on its path west. We then went to the balcony of the apartment to be able to see the rest of its path. At this point it seemed to seemingly interchange many colors without much order. It would usually be white/silver light but sometimes it would station at a red like glow. It then changed direction and seemed to come toward us, but then just seemed to rise and move to the north east towards the moon and orions belt. At this point it rose to the height of the clouds, maybe even a little higher. When it reached that height it started changing direction at will, moving up or down, and at one point it seemed to zig-zag/slither. After a while we lost track of it as it seemed to blend in with the stars.

Approximately 30 minutes later of the occurrence it appeared again at what seemed to be the same place. It behaved exactly the same way and did the same things as in the other occurrence. This time we were able to capture video of it, since during the first occurrence we were a bit shocked and the battery of our phones went out. Also, I was able to see it before it started dropping the objects, so we had more time to capture its initial behavior. Before it started dropping the objects it seemed to drop some star like objects which would some times glow a lot or simply looked like a star. The UFO also would seemingly glow a lot and go back to its “original”state. Since we were capturing these videos through our phones, it is hard to see what truly happened, and after it started going further away it became harder and harder to capture on video, so we only recorded the when it appeared. The footage captures about I would say 30% of the magnitude of what we saw with our naked eye.

Later in the night, maybe also 30-45 minutes after the second occurrence it seemed to appear again, this time much further away near the horizon. The light it emitted was red. It then moved to the west and slowly disappeared.

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Brexit – Britain Challenges Covert Fourth Reich and its Secret Space Program

By Dr. Michael Salla

From June 17, 1940 to June 22, 1941, Great Britain stood alone against the Nazi Third Reich which had blitzed mainland Europe and forged an alliance of convenience with the Soviet Union in splitting Poland asunder

Now, 75 years later, with the June 23 decision to leave the European Union, Great Britain has issued a clear challenge to a secret ‘Fourth Reich”, covertly established by breakaway Nazi groups in South America and Antarctica, who during WWII had established an advanced space program, and later exerted an increasingly powerful hidden influence over the European Union.

The roots of the infiltration of the European Union and its predecessors by breakaway Nazi groups after WWII can be traced to a decision taken by Deputy Fuhrer Martin Bormann on August 10, 1944 soon after the Allied armies landed on the beaches of Normandy. Bormann had secretly brought together leading German industrialists and told them the war was lost.

A U.S. Military Intelligence document called the “Red House Report,” dated November 7, 1944, describes how German industrialists were told to evacuate all available assets to neutral countries using thousands of shell companies designed to hide the massive out-flow of Nazi capital and industrial resources.

The source of the secret orders, according Paul Manning, author of the book Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile, was Bormann whose influence over the Nazi Party increasingly grew as Hitler became increasingly despondent over impending defeat.

Bormann was explicit that the financial assets sent out of Germany would be subsequently used to establish a Fourth Reich by covert economic means as relayed through his emissary Dr. Scheid:

From now on also German industry must realize that the war cannot be won and that it must take steps in preparation for a post-war commercial campaign. Each industrialist must make contacts and alliances with foreign firms, but this must be done individually and without attracting any suspicion. Moreover, the ground would have to be laid on the financial level for borrowing considerable sums from foreign countries after the war.

The report went on to describe Bormann’s plan for the emergence of a new German Empire, a Fourth Reich:

It was stated that the Nazi Party had informed the industrialists that the war was practically lost but that it would continue until a guarantee of the unity of Germany could be obtained. German industrialists must, it was said, through their exports increase the strength of Germany. They must also prepare themselves to finance the Nazi Party which would be forced to go underground as Maquis (in Gebirgaverteidigungastellen gehen). From now on the government would allocate large sums to industrialists so that each could establish a secure post-war foundation in foreign countries. Existing financial reserves in foreign countries must be placed at the disposal of the Party so that a strong German Empire can be created after the defeat.

What gave significant muscle to the covert project to establish a Fourth Reich by economic means was a secret space program established in Antarctica during World War II.

A number of credible whistleblowers have come forward to describe the building of a Nazi secret space program in Antarctica, which achieved incredible success in launching missions to the moon, Mars and elsewhere in deep space even while hostilities were occurring in mainland Europe.

Alleged Moon Base built by Nazi Germany and now belonging to a secret “Fourth Reich” space program called the “Dark Fleet”. Graphic: Sphere Being Alliance

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So whose bright idea was the Army Captures Flying Saucer headline?

The notion of the military ever voluntarily releasing top secret information has always puzzled me.

As we know that is not in their nature, it does not fit their M.O.

So who would make the colossal blunder of releasing this information to the press?

A naive Col. Blanchard?

What, he thought the public had a right to know and didn’t bother to check with his bosses first?


How about we give a listen to the man who actually issued this press release to the media,

who in the end, gave us the answer as to whose bright idea it was to issue the press release stating that the Army had ‘captured’ a Flying Saucer.

Before his death in 2005, he signed a sealed affidavit confession to be opened only after his passing.

Before that time, all he had ever said publicly is that Col. Blanchard called him up one day and dictated the press release to him that he wanted
given to all press media.

Which is indeed true, but not the whole truth as we were later to find out.

“On Tuesday morning, July 8, I would attend the regularly scheduled staff meeting at 7:30 a.m.




CIC Capt. Sheridan Cavitt;

Col. James I. Hopkins, the operations officer;

Major Patrick Saunders, the base adjutant;

Major Isadore Brown, the personnel officer;

Lt. Col. Ulysses S. Nero, the supply officer; and from Carswell AAF in Fort Worth, Texas, Blanchard’s boss,

Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey and his chief of staff,

Col. Thomas J. DuBose were also in attendance.

…One of the main concerns discussed at the meeting was whether we should go public or not with the discovery.

Gen.Ramey proposed a plan, which I believe originated with his bosses at the Pentagon.

Attention needed to be diverted from the more important site north of town by acknowledging the other location.

Too many civilians were already involved and the press already was informed.

I was not completely informed how this would be accomplished.”

So the origin of this idea was actually from the Pentagon.

And the primary motivation was –

“Attention needed to be diverted from the more important site north of town by acknowledging the other location.

Too many civilians were already involved and the press already was informed.”

Now add to the equation some information that the military had, that not even the President knew –

Not only had we broken the German and Jap secret codes, but the Soviets as well.

The Venona project began in 1943, and through this project the military were well aware of how many Russian spies had infiltrated even the Manhattan

The very existence of this program was not revealed until a leak in 1995.

From Wiki –

“The decrypted messages gave important insights into Soviet behavior in the period during which duplicate one-time pads were used.

With the first break into the code, Venona revealed the existence of Soviet espionage at Los Alamos National Laboratories.

Identities soon emerged of American, Canadian, Australian, and British spies in service to the Soviet government, including Klaus Fuchs, Alan Nunn
May, and Donald Maclean.

Others worked in Washington in the State Department, the Treasury, Office of Strategic Services,and even the White House.

For much of its history, knowledge of Venona was restricted even from the highest levels of government.

Senior army officers, in consultation with the FBI and CIA, made the decision to restrict knowledge of Venona within the government (even the CIA was
not made an active partner until 1952).

Army Chief of Staff Omar Bradley, concerned about the White House’s history of leaking sensitive information, decided to deny President Truman direct
knowledge of the project.

The president received the substance of the material only through FBI, Justice Department, and CIA reports on counterintelligence and intelligence

He was not told the material came from decoded Soviet ciphers.”

The Pentagon was also well aware that New Mexico was lousy with civilian Russian spies interested in Los Alamos, White Sands and of course the 509th
Atomic Air wing.

Those were undoubtedly the civilians the Pentagon was primarily concerned with ‘diverting their attention’ as stated.

So it was the old ‘bait and switch ruse’ used since the debris field was the only site known to the public at that point, and the military wanted to
keep it that way while they recovered and cleaned up the crash site.

And the debris field was already cordoned off.

Once that was accomplished, the weather balloon story was… ‘released’.

Walter Haut, who released this headline to the media, was also allowed to see the recovered Disc and alien bodies by his commander and old friend from
WWII – Col Blanchard.

They were both Bomber pilots in the same squadron who flew missions over Japanese targets during WWII.

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