Jeepers Creepers! Where’d You Get Those Artificial Peepers?

Boston researchers have successfully identified a method of regenerating ocular/corneal cells and restoring lost vision utilizing controversial stem cell therapy. According to a recent press release,”This work, a collaboration between the Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Schepens Eye Research Institute (Mass. Eye and Ear), Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the VA Boston Healthcare System, provides promise to burn victims, victims of chemical injury and others with damaging eye diseases.” (Leach, 2014)

“This work, a collaboration between the Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Schepens Eye Research Institute (Mass. Eye and Ear), Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the VA Boston Healthcare System, provides promise to burn victims, victims of chemical injury and others with damaging eye diseases.” (Leach, 2014)

Additionally, the occasion marks the first known example of a stem cell procedure using cells derived from an adult subject, possibly eliminating one of the most controversial points of stem cell research: the use of embryonic/fetal stem cells. These revolutionary transplants are not without risk, however… Hit the break to learn more!

ISS Live Feed Documents Near-Miss With UFO!

ISS Near Miss UFO

A video has recently surfaced on the Web which purports to show live footage of an unidentified object passing close-by the International Space Station. This object is cylindrical/hexagonal in appearance and appears to narrowly miss the orbiting platform. This footage is currently questionable at best, as it appears to be extremely hard to find in the NASA archives. There is another possibility hat is at least as disconcerting as a UFO, however… Hit the break to learn more!

Rare Footage Of An Interview With UFO Abductees!

UFO Abductee Interview

Last week I got contacted by the grand-niece of the late MUFON director Henry McKay, its very first, to be precise. After McKay’s passing his hundreds of videos were passed down to his grand-niece, who (wisely) decided to share it with the world through yours truly, it’s a big honor, I’m not gonna lie to you; It’s like winning an Oscar. Except without the red carpet nor the statue. Nor the TV coverage. Ok, it’s nothing like winning an Oscar, but still great. Hit the break to read more and enjoy 36 minutes of awesomeness!

Giant Subterranean Ocean Found In Earth’s Core!

Ocean Near Earth's Core

Holy flesh-eating Morlocks, Batman! A scientific team headed by Steven Jacobsen of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois recently discovered a body of water 3 times the volume and size of all the Earth’s oceans combined deep within the Earth’s core. Scientists have expressed deep concern over this new find, stating that if this body of water were to ever actually rise up out the “transition zone”, it would completely engulf the major landmasses and human population centers of the planet. But that’s not what sprang instantly to this author’s mind; those of you familiar with the tale “Journey to the Center of the Earth” , (Verne, 1864) may be entertaining the same ideas…

Hit the Break to learn more!

New “Smart” Meters Out to Kill Us All!

Smart Meters

You’ve all seen them… On every business, home, and public place… Silent, watching, waiting, furtively planning your destruction… Your power meter! Ok, well maybe not all that, but there definitely is cause for concern (maybe).  According to Josh Del Sol, director of Take Back Your Power (2014), new “smart” technology is just one more way for ‘”Big Brother” to keep a watchful eye on you. They postulate that, under the cover media hype and popular buzzwords such as “green technology” and “ecomonitoring”, the government’s goal is to keep tabs on your every move, inside and outside your home.

Hit the break to learn more about this latest invasion of your privacy!

Paranoid Asteroid: The Beast

The Beast Asteroid

Yet another giant hunk of space-rock was recently discovered by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spacecraft. According to research the deadly asteroid, nicknamed “The Beast” will pass within 0.0083 AU of the Earth, or about 771533.2 miles. While this may not seem like a “close call”, in astronomical terms it is a very near miss. adding to the ominous nature of the asteriod is the fact that is has been declared a “potentially hazardous object”, the first since 2011, and that particular threat was actually smaller than The Beast. But that’s not what has this author totally freaked; hit the break to learn more!

Elongated Skulls Found In Peru Not Actually Human!!!

Paracas Skull Museum

So for those who have been following  Paranoid News from the beginning, I am sure you remember the Star Child skull; An infant-sized skull with amazing and uncanny properties that apparently is not human. But I am here to tell you that the Star Child skull is not the only one around. Weird elongated skulls (not to be confused with these fake but really cool ones made out of crystal) have been found all around the world. Most scientists agree that this might be attributed to the ancient practice of cradle-boarding, which consists in strapping infants into cradleboards to deform and/or elongate their soft, little heads. Who knew being a sausage head was so popular in the old days?
These ones from Peru have been tested and the DNA results show that they are not human! Alien perhaps? Hit the break to learn more about these incredible skulls and the DNA findings that make them so incredible!

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane – No it is just a multicolor UFO!

Wow! GIANT "Being" & UFO Together On Camera? MUST SEE 2014

UFO stories are becoming more and more heard of these days and with the smartphone it has become extremely easy to capture proof of such UFO encounters. Many times these UFOs will be called anything other than aliens by experts, hell they might call it a flying pig! That doesn’t mean that a good handful of sightings aren’t extra-terrestrial. One recent piece of footage released on YouTube really has our heads scratching worse than when we don’t shampoo properly at Paranoid News, in this video that was uploaded recently we see an orb in the sky that is moving at erratic speeds (slow and fast) and directions. What makes things even crazier is that as it moves it changes color in a blink of an eye. How in the hell does something like that happen! Either we have a really drunk pilot on a new type of aircraft that no one has ever heard of or it is aliens. I think aliens seem least far fetch as a matter a fact. Click through for the actual video.

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