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Charles Lamoureux is the guest on UFOAM for January 21, 2013. You may have seen a recent newscast by Bell Media-owned CTV news featuring UFO reports from Vancouver Island alongside captivating night vision UFO footage recorded from downtown Vancouver.

We spoke with Vancouver videographer Charles Lamoureux last week in an exclusive interview to discuss digital night vision and the role that this technology has played a role in converting the long-time amateur astronomer and UFO skeptic into someone who is now convinced that luminous orbs photographed over this city since 1937 are not just man-made satellites. Both a registered nurse and a consultant to the medical industry, Charles Lamoureux spoke of his interest in numerological phenomena along with a surprising connection to the history of UFO photography in Vancouver that seems more than just a little coincidental.

Read “Astronomer and former skeptic now avid night vision UFO skywatcher” in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for

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